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Through the establishment of a sound service system, to provide customers with high-quality cutting machine, but also to provide caring, high-quality personalized service to its customers. Service planning and service projects into service commitment of two parts.

First, the purpose of service
Customer focus, commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction.

Second, our service commitment
1, the purchase of our cutters customers by Division I arrange for a free on-site technical personnel installation and commissioning and technical training; cutting machine reaches the customer site within 3 days to complete the installation.
2, Division I offer the sale of cutting a 12-month warranty period. The warranty period, the company free treatment of non-human factors and the quality of the equipment itself belongs to occur under normal conditions of use.
3, Division I for the sale of products provide lifelong maintenance services. Ensure long-term spare parts supply equipment at preferential prices, to ensure the supply time is at least 10 years.
4, the user equipment failure occurred in the operation, issued a notice in the user maintenance after our confirmation, within two hours to give reply by fax or telephone; For on-site service, arrived at the scene within 24 hours in Hunan Province, within 72 hours outside the province to catch to the scene.
5, to provide customers with the non-confidential information required, upon receipt of (potential) customers to non-fault information, to give a reply within one working day (8 hours).
Third, our services
 1, to provide "home services" free installation.
 2, when the customer has a need, accurate, timely, enthusiastic provide product brochures, price lists, quotations and other non-confidential technical information about our customers, transmitted by EMS when you need.
 3, to assist the customer selection, answer customer consultation, product presentation features.
 4, timely and accurately provide a sufficient amount of spare parts to customers.
 5, when the customer has requested, to provide free technical training for customers, for the customer's actual situation, develop training programs.
 6, where customers received or agreed to matter, should be given in order to deal with the echo; and implement Shouwenfuze system of responsibility model.
 7, random along all documents, on-site guidance to operate, sent repair faults.
 8, collected the customer in market dynamics, quality of information, technical information, etc. should be carefully analyzed and processed.
Fourth, service management
 1, the establishment of user files, new product sold in the six months to seek active users per month usage time.
 2, held once or twice a year users willing to talk about and new product launches, the user listen to the issues and recommendations identified in the course, draw experience and lessons learned, so as to continuously improve the performance and quality of our cutters.
 3, to provide our customers with a variety of effective ways to communicate: the company's Web site service message boards, e-mail, telephone, mail and so on.
 4, the opening of non-working hours telephone service (such as: technical supervisor, sale executive phone, etc.).
 5, our service department will manage the quality of service and tracking service processes in order to better improve the quality of service; for each service provided by our company, by the attitude of service and quality of service to evaluate customers.