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CNC flame plasma cutting machine
  • product name: American Haibao CNC system
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US sea treasure MICROEDGE NC system
 1), the processor: intel Celeron 2.4G.
 2), 256MB of memory.
 3), 40G hard disk, 1.44M built-in floppy drive, four USB 2.0 ports.
 4) 15-inch LCD color monitor.
 5), Microsoft WindowsXP operating system.
 6), industrial site dedicated numeric keypad and eight azimuth station run button.
 7), software programming suitable EIA (PS-274D) and ESSI (ISD6582) dynamic programming, and has compiled automatic error function. The software has simple automatic nesting and manual nesting function, easy to operate and reliable.
 8), the original track an unlimited number of rollback.
 9), the breakpoint memory and quick return of the breakpoint.
 10), fixed macro 40, expandable to 200 libraries.
 11), CNC cutting trajectory tracking, the cutting process has removed the torch, through the cutting nozzle, adjust or replace wind wire electrode cutting nozzle, and then return out of function points
12), kinds of parts nesting.
 13), can achieve ignition, warm-up, high-pressure oxygen cutting, flame cutting process is fully automated.
 14), plate collimation (sheet skew correction function).
 15), dusting, crossed.
 16), mirror, rotate function.
 17) Teach function.
 18), the dynamic cutting compensation, fully intelligent interactive graphical user interface.
 19), intelligent graphical input wizard.
 20), a plasma electrode life record.
 21), the cutting time accumulated, rapid traverse time accumulated, the cumulative operating time clock.
 22), the pre-demonstration fast cutting path.
 23), the error fault temporary control and display.
 24), 24-point I / O interfaces.
 25), two R232 / 422 serial port, a 100M card.





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