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                     Capacitance automatically increase                                     Arc voltage automatically increase

      CNC cutting machine automatically increase the system is divided into a capacitive adjusting system, arc voltage adjusting system. Capacitive adjusting system for CNC flame cutting machines, arc voltage adjusting system for CNC plasma cutting machine. Its main function: During the cutting process, to keep the torch height constant steel, thus ensuring the cutting quality. CNC cutting machine by automatically adjusting system can be set according to the height of the torch in the rugged steel continuous torch height adjustment, so as to ensure the torch to the height of the steel sheet is kept constant.
Automatic adjusting system works: using a dedicated sensor processing modules to detect small changes in capacitance between the workpiece and the probe ring or arc pressure, after the enlargement process is transferred to the control board by a high frequency carrier. MPU based on the feedback signal from the user's settings, the sensor signal and the drive module, the control module work drive, automatically adjust the height of the torch, thus ensuring a constant height between the torch and the workpiece.
Current application products on the market are: capacitance automatic increase (single torch), arc voltage automatically increase (single torch), three control torch height controller (three torch).
       According to the customer experience, whether it is domestic production of automatic adjusting system, or well-known foreign manufacturers to increase the system did not break through the technical bottleneck. So far, the automatic adjusting system is still in the experimental stage.

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