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CutMaster A120 Characteristics
        Powerful 80% high duty cycle make the system even in the harshest environments can produce cutting operation around the clock. Portable design and convenient and practical assembly base so that it can be installed at any time was easy. Torch valve design is to shorten the parts replacement time, thus increasing productivity.
        After the power supply system is designed with CNC panel connection jacks, respectively, the "Start / Stop" port and "Machine movement" port on the jack. Internal power supply terminal board contains a full-arc voltage interface. Design software automatically detects the torch operation, and automatic cutting and manual cutting switch between modes. Special software designed to make the system in many applications, such as cutting thin material or tube, can increase the load duration and improve operating performance.
Rated Output 120 Amps
 Output range 30 - 120i Amps, maximum 120i Amps, adjustable
 Openings and cutting capacity (15mm)
 Maximum opening and cutting capacity (18mm)
 Maximum edge starts 1¼ "(35mm)
 Input voltage 208-230 / 460V, 1 / 3ph, 50/60 Hz,
 380 / 400V, 3 ph, 50/60 Hz,
 600V, 3 ph, 60 Hz
 @ Maximum input current output 1 ph, 208V-99 Amps
 3 ph, 208V-49 Amps
 1 ph, 230V-95 Amps
 3 ph, 230V-45 Amps
 3 ph, 380V-28 Amps
 3 ph, 400V-27Amps
 1 ph, 460V-60 Amps
 3 ph, 460V-29 Amps
 Output power 15 kW
 Duty cycle 80% @ 120 Amps
The maximum load voltage 260 VDC
 Gas Type Air @ 75 psi (5.2 bar) @ 6.7cfm (189 lpm)
 Part pilot arc ignited pilot arc tube
 Weight 63 lbs (29.6kg) -. Contains a power supply, power cable, (torch and wire)
 Size H 13.5 "(343mm) x W 9.75" (248mm) x
 L 26.0 "(660mm)
 Work Cable 20 '(6.1m)
 CNC controller jack rear panel connections, includes start / close the port and "OK-MOVE Movement" port.
 Input power cable 10 '(3m) with a plug (208 / 230V)
 6 '(2m) without plug (400V)
 Power Warranty 3 years warranty, 1 year warranty torch - American Power 3-year warranty, 1 year warranty torch - International
 Certified IP-23C, CSA, NTRL / C, CE, CCC
 Torch Configuration
 Torch SL100®SV w / ATC®, 180 ° Automation

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