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  • product name: 4 5-axis linkage intersection Cutting
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Product Features
 1. PC using well-known brand in Taiwan IPC: 320G hard drive, 1.8G frequency, 15 "color LCD screen, Windows XP Windows operating system, the next bit machine uses multi-axis motion Wuhan Blue's proprietary control card;
 2. With McNair Hong independently developed multi-axis intersecting line programming software, providing up to 21 kinds of parametric programming of pipe joints with applications that require beveling pipe intersecting line cutting, beveling meet US AWS groove welding standards;
 3. All axes all of Japan Panasonic AC servo drives and motors, domestic brands planetary reducer, smooth operation;
 The standard diameter of 60 ~ 600mm;
 5. Host rails 9m, intersecting rail line 9m;
 6. Standard for the plasma cutting mode, and optional flame configured to implement dual flame plasma cutting.
 7. The flame cutting wall thickness between 6 ~ 50mm, wall thickness plasma cutting, plasma power from the power to decide.
 8. Standard load two tons.
The main features are
 4-axis, that is based on the linkage 3, add a radial direction of the tube axis of the pendulum swing. Can complete a variety of shapes bevel cutting, beveling can ensure a variety of requirements. 5th axis for the torch to lift shaft, the shaft and the first 4-axis, the main solution when cutting steel is not round, the torch can automatically lift.

 Cutting effect


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